Saturday, 13 November 2010

GSAT 5P - India's Communication Satellite

Have you ever thought about number of satellites operating in earth orbit ? Any Wild Guesses ? Am sure you will be amazed to know the answer ! According to NASA there are approximately 3000 satellites operating in Earth orbit and there are roughly 8000 man-made objects in total ( includes the dead/active satellites ).

These Satellites are being tracked by SSN (Space Surveillance Network) and their job is to track any object in earth orbit which is over 10 cm in diameter.

Now coming to our own ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) will be launching GSAT - 5 Prime which is a pure communication satellite which weighs 2300 kgs and this satellite will be carried by GSLV ( Geo Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle ) and uses Russia's Cryogenic Engine.

GSAT - 5P carries 36 transponders ( 24 normal C-band transponders and 12 - Extended C-band transponders ) which will provide continuity of service to Television & Telecom channel customers across India.

The major role of GSAT - 5P will be to replace INSAT - 2E which was launched with Ariane V117 on 2nd April 1999 and the INSAT - 2 E supports the following list of television channels.

ISRO is looking at 20th December'10 as a window to launch the GSAT -5P and this mission has a 12 -year life period.

Launches in 2010

GSLV -D3 carried GSAT - 4 which was the 19th Geo-Stationary Satellite built by ISRO and GSAT - 4 was not placed in the orbit as GSLV -D3 ( launch vehicle ) could not complete the mission.GSLV -D3 used indigenous cryogenic engine which failed after ignition. ( Unsuccessful )
Launch Date: April 15th , 2010 , Mission Cost: 330 cr.

PSLV - C15 was the 17th flight of PSLV ( Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle ) carried Cartosat - 2B, ALSAT - 2A & NLSs, STUDSAT. ( Successful )
Launch Date: July 12th, 2010.

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