Wednesday, 10 November 2010

MiFi - Killer Product once 3G Rolls-Out in India

3G is the Buzz word in town, for the ones who have been using a 3G mobile and never got a chance to experience the high-end service and craving for 3G roll out here is a blog to know what's in the kitty from our service providers.

I don't want to get into the list of service providers and their huge investment details for the roll-out.

Tata Docomo is the first service provider to roll out their services and trust me their plans are cheaper than ever expected and am sure they are looking at the volume game.

Lets see what user comforts can 3G bring in:

  • Better voice clarity
  • Better mobile internet browsing experience
  • Smooth audio/video streaming without buffering
  • Video Calls
  • Super speed downloads
  • LIVE TV on mobile
  • On-line Games and lot more VAS ( Value Added Services )

On the technology front, HSDPA ( High-Speed Downlink Packet Access ) is the mobile communications protocol from the HSPA ( High - Speed Packet Access ) family which allows UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems) to have higher data transfer speeds. And 3G can bring in lighting speeds ranging from ( 3.1 Mbps - 21.1 Mbps )

Heard about mobile Wi-fi hotspots ? why not share our 3G data service and connect upto 5 Wi-fi enabled devices ?

I came across Mi-Fi a credit-card sized mobile wireless router with a SIM card which connects itself to the cellular data network and acts as a wireless router where one can connect their smart phone,laptop or any Wi-fi enabled device to this mobile wireless router and access internet service on the move ! All it needs is a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery where one can browse continuously for 5 long hours and comes with a 40 - hour stand-by time.And not to forget the power adapter which comes with this device.

This mini can provide 30-foot ( 10 M ) range of network coverage which is quite amazing considering the fact that it converts cellular data network signals into Wi-fi signals at a blink of an eye.

Another interesting feature about MiFi is its built-in GPS which can be used for location based services.Few models come with external memory card option where all the connected devices can access the data on the memory card.This little gadget can create virtual office in no time, a clear winner during outdoor meetings and can always come in handy at all times.

This will be a killer product once people start recognizing the power of 3G and its unlimited capabilities.

Technology... the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it.

~Max Frisch

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