Friday, 26 November 2010

Square- Payments via iphone App

I came across this really cool, out of the box start-up " Square " where they created a iphone app along with a really small credit card scanner which can be plugged into the headphone jack of the iphone.

All you need to do is, just plug the card scanner into the headphone jack on your iphone and you are ready to collect payments via credit/debit cards.This cool app can be downloaded free from itunes and square will charge you a small percentage on each transaction.

The best part is once you swipe your credit-card it will ask you for your signature.And you need to sign using your finger since iphone screen doesn't detect anything like say stylus.And you can key in your notes about the product you sold or even take a picture of the product you just sold for your reference.

Once you are done you can also email the receipt of the transaction to the customers email add along with a Geo Tagged map of the location where you made this transaction.

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