Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Email Verifier

We all send loads of E-mails everyday, be at work , Family or Friends.I am sure each one us have had email bounced back at us saying " The Email you are trying to send doesn't Exist " and we break our head to find out the rite email address !

I was in the similar situation today and goggled to see if there are any programs to Verify the E-mail add/Mail Server and came across http://verify-email.org/ a simple page which will first tell you if that email really exist by checking the appropriate mail server and give us a instant result.For the ones who want to know more technical information can always scroll down to see the mail server info etc.

There are lots of other ways to verify the email add, like pining the mail server etc.checkout this wonderful article by Amit Agarwal ( Labnol ) to know more.


mr.human said...

Also check out this free email verification tool Email Verifier Tool (I created as a fun side project)

Роман Оныщук said...

There is a small start-up (http://proofy.io/) that perfectly verifies email list, I advise you to try, and the prices are very flexible

Unknown said...

You can use also www.zerobounce.net they have a great accuracy

anonymouse said...

Great blog entry, Here you can confirm your rundown of messages. This email list validation is exceptionally useful to confirm your messages. I generally utilize this instruments and I propose you to utilize each time this apparatus to confirm your email as well.

vikram singh said...

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