Sunday, 31 January 2016

JBL - Flip 2 - Wireless Portable Speakers

One of the most useful, powerful portable speakers for someone who party real hard ! Tested this piece of  hardware indoor and was extremely happy with the sound quality ! At one point I started comparing it with my Philips Soundbar which I connect to my LED TV.

Firing up these portable speakers was a breeze and paired it with my iphone 6 in no time and was playing a youtube video from my phone. The Sound quality was extremely good , tested with all sorts of music and was quite impressed. At one point I thought I should have not shelled so much $ in buying the Philips Soundbar which has almost same sound quality but twice the price. A Clear example for " Size does not matter '

   Now coming to the features, I was amazed by the Speaker Phone functionality and have to tell you its quite useful when are you expecting an important call but still want to party hard !

Tested the NFC with an Android phone and worked like a charm.

Whats Good: 

1. Compact in size with amazing sound quality.
2. Pairing is quite stable
3. Battery was quite good
4. Carry case is a Plus
5. Adapters that come with the box is quite useful
6. Jazzy colours
7. Speaker Phone functionality is a killer

What needs to be improved:

1. Solar charging would be a added plus especially when you are partying outdoors.
2. Weather Proof should have been part of all models ( currently Flip 2 is not Splashproof but Flip 3 is @ extra cost )
3. Mute Button would have been an added advantage.
4. Small display would have been better.

Flip 2 Box- Jazzy Colours really standout !

Clear example of - " Size does not matter "! Amazing sound quality .

Simple touch buttons to fire up / Bluetooth / Speaker Phone / Volume adjustment

Carry case is a + and not to forget those useful adapters/ charging cable. 

This is how Speaker Phone functionality works when paired with Flip 2 ! Impressed. 

Xtreamer - Wonder - Why Pay More ?

Bought this amazing Streamer Online few months ago and have to tell you its been the best streamer I have ever used so far. I have used Chromecast/ Roku but felt Wonder fulfilled my needs the best !

Before buying this Wonder Box ( just an Mini Android PC ) , I used to download movies online then copy it on to my thumb drive /Memory stick and play it on my LED TV which was taking quite a lot of my time.

 I did some research and narrowed down on Google's Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku 2 and finally Xtreamer's Wonder.

Indian Readers:

Note: I currently use Airtel 40 Mbps connection and works fine without any issues. This hardware has also been tested with ACT Broadband and works fine !

Online Order :

Sorry to say, the whole experience of ordering this product and getting it delivered to my house just took 2 months ! Yes you read it took so long. As soon I paid for the product online they dispatched the product to India from Hongkong after 20 odd days inspite of sending so many emails to their customer care. Many a times their customer care does not even reply, even if they do so it will be a one liner. Finally product reached India through Singapore Post < not like any other courier like Bluedart/DHL >  and was stuck with Indian Customs for good 1 month and one fine day got a letter from them saying that I need to pay custom duty and get the product.


Powering up / configuration  / Installation was a breeze and quite straight forward. One needs to buy HDMI cable to get started. I used my set top box's HDMI cable to test before buying one.

My Home setup goes like this:

Connected my Wonder Box to my Sony LED TV using HMDI < both Video and Audio is taken care here > Initially configured my SSID on Wonder Box but saw some issues like frequent buffering , video freezing on me and moved to wired connection which seems to be better than Wireless.

Also, Connected my Philips Sound Bar using Bluetooth to my Wonder box. 

Ports and more ports, I used HDMI to connect wonder box to my Sony LED TV

Wonder box comes with 3 USB Ports which can be used to connect your thrum drive or any wireless devices. To use your Air mouse < remote control > one needs to plug this USB receiver just like any other wireless mouse we use at work/home.

Air Mouse: Source :

Bluetooth Sound Bar: Source:


I mostly use Air Stream, Popcorn time ! There are lot more but I havent not used most of them and will review them in details later.

Air Stream: When I download movies on my laptop , I use Air Stream to stream that content using my wonder box on my LED TV. It works like a charm. Best part is, one can keep using the laptop/desktop and the content still gets streamed without any issues . A big WIN over screen cast !

Popcorn time is a build in App on Wonder Box and has very good collection of latest movies and Tv Series.

Air Play: I also use Air Play to play videos / Pictures from my Apple Iphone.  

Whats needs to be improved:

The Wonder software itself is bit buggy, when I first got hold of Wonder box came across of software bugs/crashes and an upgrade down the lane solved some issues but created new ones. Currently Play Store keeps crashing and havent been able to find any update / work around for the same.

Not to forget the customer care which needs to be improved a lot ! They need to be little more active and would be good if they have some Tech support via chat 24x7 or something which covers most time zones.


Quad Core Amlogic S812-H(w/ Dolby+DTS) Cortex-A9 upto 2.0GHz

8 Core GPU: Mail-450

FLASH: 16GB eMMC ver 5.0

OS & UI:
OS: Android™ KitKat 4.4
UI: Xtreamer ver 2.0

Weight: 190 gram
Size: 13.8 x 16.6 x 2.8cm

Wireless Connectivity:
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi AirPlay, Miracast and DLNA support

Video Output:
HDMI™ 1.4

Audio Output:
HDMI™ 1.4 SPDIF optical

DC 5V, 2A adapter included (CE, FCC, CCC certified)

Supported Video Format:

Supported Audio Format: MP3/WMA/WMV/APE/OGG/FLAC/AAC…etc
Dolby Digital & DTS Master Audio 5ch output
5CH & 7CH passthrough

Peripheral Interface:
RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/100Mbps)
Micro SD card reader
USB 2.0 HOST port x 3

Multilingual support:
English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish & many more as supported in Android 4.4

System optimization:
Airplay & DLNA
XBMC Plugins & Repo Setup Wizard

Innovative New functions:
Can Support H.265 HEVC
Bluetooth Ver 4.0 8
Core GPU Mali 450 for smother ON TV Gaming Hardware Decoding