Sunday, 31 January 2016

JBL - Flip 2 - Wireless Portable Speakers

One of the most useful, powerful portable speakers for someone who party real hard ! Tested this piece of  hardware indoor and was extremely happy with the sound quality ! At one point I started comparing it with my Philips Soundbar which I connect to my LED TV.

Firing up these portable speakers was a breeze and paired it with my iphone 6 in no time and was playing a youtube video from my phone. The Sound quality was extremely good , tested with all sorts of music and was quite impressed. At one point I thought I should have not shelled so much $ in buying the Philips Soundbar which has almost same sound quality but twice the price. A Clear example for " Size does not matter '

   Now coming to the features, I was amazed by the Speaker Phone functionality and have to tell you its quite useful when are you expecting an important call but still want to party hard !

Tested the NFC with an Android phone and worked like a charm.

Whats Good: 

1. Compact in size with amazing sound quality.
2. Pairing is quite stable
3. Battery was quite good
4. Carry case is a Plus
5. Adapters that come with the box is quite useful
6. Jazzy colours
7. Speaker Phone functionality is a killer

What needs to be improved:

1. Solar charging would be a added plus especially when you are partying outdoors.
2. Weather Proof should have been part of all models ( currently Flip 2 is not Splashproof but Flip 3 is @ extra cost )
3. Mute Button would have been an added advantage.
4. Small display would have been better.

Flip 2 Box- Jazzy Colours really standout !

Clear example of - " Size does not matter "! Amazing sound quality .

Simple touch buttons to fire up / Bluetooth / Speaker Phone / Volume adjustment

Carry case is a + and not to forget those useful adapters/ charging cable. 

This is how Speaker Phone functionality works when paired with Flip 2 ! Impressed. 


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